Saturday, May 28, 2011

Death To All Drug Traffickers - Penang, Cameron Highlands

After the Phi Phi Islands we stayed in Krabi before hopping on an air-conditioned mini-bus for Penang, Malaysia. We were done with Thailand. Aimee managed to make a few more friends while we were in Krabi.

I was struck by the first sign that greets you at the Malaysian border - DEATH for all drug traffickers under Malaysian law. It was quite effective I'd say. I wondered how many people didn't take it seriously.

The first night in Penang we stayed at the Rio Hotel but moved to the New China Hotel. Big mistake. It was huge and our room was massively grand, but in the middle of the night I woke up all itchy and realized that we had bed bugs. I don't know if you've ever experienced bed bugs but it was the first time for me, although I couldn't prove it was bed bugs because every time I turned on the light I couldn't see the little bastards. Nevertheless, I got the concierge out of bed and asked for another room. He was none too pleased at being awoken at three in the morning but neither was I. The next day we moved.

We went into a travel agency and a fellow there asked to go with Aimee and I up to Penang Hill.

We didn't last long in Penang, before leaving for the cool mountains of the Cameron Highlands. On the train ride, Aimee was adopted by this woman. The food was good too.