Friday, July 8, 2011

What I Learned In Bali, Indonesia

What I learned in Bali was that the greatest place to visit and stay for weeks was Ubud. The culture is so rich with dancing and music and the arts. It was a great experience for my daughter Aimee, who was turning 9 when we were there. We had a big party for her. When I took her out of school months previously her principal said 'but she won't be getting an education for a year!' My only reply was 'Culture? Language? History? Geography!' She experienced it all travelling throughout Asia. I think children should visit other countries, because it's well worth it. Maybe as adults they would be more tolerant of other cultures.


Most of the kids learned Balinese dance, and it was amazing the way they curled their fingers almost backwards.


Aimee's 9th birthday.