Sunday, September 11, 2011

Palace of Mirrors Ajmer

I totally ride elephants everyday to the Palace of Mirrors. Aimee was so comfortable up there with her bunny riding up to the Amber Fort.

I shared a room at the Jaipur Inn with Sheila, an English girl who was on her way to Australia to study nursing, and we hooked up with her for a few days to see all the sights around Jaipur. I'd recommend the Inn, it had a rooftop terrace, it was roomy and clean, and it was a great place to connect with other travelers. The one thing I never got used to in India was the spitting and hacking. Indian dude in the place got up early every morning and cleared his throat for literally 20 minutes. Every time I heard his haaaaaaaaaaaack-tu I buried my head under my pillow and wished a pox on his vocal cords.

We visited the Amber Fort, also known as the Palace of Mirrors. It was hot and dusty and a bit out of town, but the palace was deserted when we finally reached the top.

On our way to the fort in our modern transportation - a bicycle rickshaw.

Snake charmers are everywhere

Aimee inside the Palace of Mirrors. The walls are covered with glass and mirrors.


Aimee and Sheila


Halls in the fort and a bathing pool

Looking down at Jaipur from the fort


Around town in Jaipur

The Wind Palace (Pink Palace)

Sitting outside the Pink Palace was this sadhu

The largest sun clock in the world is in Jaipur


From Jaipur we went up to Ajmer, which is a few hours north of Jaipur. It's referred to as the city of temples. During the bus ride, I felt as if I were travelling back in time, as it seemed nothing had changed for centuries.