Thursday, November 12, 2015

Arras to Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral
on top of Notre Dame

We crossed over to France from Dover and watched as the famous coastline whiter than an iceberg receded into the distance. We were ready for our hitchhiking odyssey, from here to Athens, Greece. It makes the intuitive side kick in quickly once you start diving into cars which are driven by men. Not one woman stopped to give us a lift.

France was easy and our first night passed at a youth hostel in Arras where we met European kid traveling the same route as us except on a Eurorail Pass. When we told them our plans to hitch, they thought we were crazy. It's so far! No, coming from a country like Canada, it seemed a mere day away.

I loved the poplars that lined the roads, planted by Napoleon, evidently, in order to keep his mobile troops safe from attack.

In Paris we were picked up by three fellows who brought us to their favorite restaurant. The food - incredible, the guys - sweet. One said he'd put us up, but returning to his place there were four of us, Marc, Alain, Mary Lynne and I. After I gave Alain the 'don't-even-try-or-I'll -rip-off-your-face' look, we sat in the living room and listened to Marc and Mary Lynne tear up the bedroom. It couldn't have been more uncomfortable if I'd been sitting with her mother as they banged it off. Alain finally got the picture and left, much to his disappointment.

The Louvre

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Arc de Triomphe