Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Florence, Lac Trasimeno, Rome - Italy

Before we left Pisa, our two friends took us to the old town of Lucca, which has an interesting history with Pisa. Once on the road again, we got picked up by Mario, a super fellow who dropped us off on the autostrade to Florence.

On the way to Florence we got picked up by these fellows who took us to a huge wedding reception. It was amazing. That's the glorious thing about hitchhiking as opposed to taking a bus, you get taken to places you would never see, meet people you might never meet.

Florence is a fabulous city if you love art. The fabulous Galleria dell'Accademia is where you can find the original David by Michelangelo. There are other fabulous art galleries too: the Bobili Gardens and the Uffizi Gallery.

After Florence we hitched with the intention of getting to Rome, but instead ended up at Lac Trasimeno, north of Rome. Two fellows who picked us up, Franko and Augusto, took us to a restaurant where we feasted on an 8-course meal with some of their friends. It was loads of fun. Afterwards, we set up our tent and camped beside the lake. The next day we went to a beach and swam and met two friendly Italian families.

We went out for supper with one of their uncles named Feduce, who happened to own a huge villa on the lake. He invited us to stay for a night and the villa turned out to be filled with Napoleonic era antiques and art works. It was breathtaking. Hitching to Rome the following day, we got picked up a fellow named Franko, who just happened to own the pensione we stayed at in Rome. What was even more spectacular is that we saw Feduce when we got out of Franko's car in Rome. What a coincidence! Rome is spectacular and even though it's crowded and hot, well worth the visit! So much to see.

The Coliseum

The Vatican

St. Peter's Square