Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Returning from Vietnam, the start

Halong Bay Vietnam


It's near Christmas 2008 and I'm staying with my sister in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I've just returned to Canada after traveling around SE Asia for three months and then working in Vietnam for another six months. I'll put more pics in of Vietnam later, especially Halong Bay, which is where this pic was taken. In fact, I'll be putting in many pictures and stories of all my travels.

Right now I'm taking a break to apply for jobs for English teaching, which I've been doing for the past seven years as of this writing.

This is a bit of an introduction to me. Hopefully, you will stick around to read some of my stories from my travels. I've hitched a fair bit as well, so I'll have more to say about that.

I really appreciate all the commments and emails I've gotten. If you want to comment, start a thread, please do so. I've answered many questions so far and hopefully, I can help you too.