Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thit Cho in Vietnam

I debated with myself whether to put this photo in my blog, but what the hell, this is part of the meat market in Vietnam. Thit cho (dog meat),

Dog eating began in northern Vietnam as a result of famine. Now it's a delicacy in Vietnam and usually not on the menu at the small street vendors (or so I've been told), but keep it in mind the next time you order: Is it thit cho?

While I was staring at this table, the woman picked up the dog's head and barked at me and then laughed. She had a weird sense of humour!

Thit Cho Vietnam


This dog meat was at the veggie market up the street from where I lived on Le Thanh Ngi Street. I lived in a house with an elderly couple, and the house was beautiful but oh, so sterile. When I was teaching at Hanoi University I stayed there, along with another woman from New Zealand, who had a sterile room on the floor below mine. Throughout my first night in the place I listened to the guy in the opposite room from mine throwing up all over the floor. Why do I know he continually threw up on the floor? Because I could hear great mounds of it splashing on to the floorboards. Yuck. I don't know whether he was drunk or had been poisoned, but whatever............glad that him and his co-star moved out the next day.


One day I was walking around and I saw dude passed out on the road. Evidently, he had collided with someone while he was riding his bike and his head hit the pavement. This woman was smacking him right side the head and pinching his toes to try and bring him around. Eventually, he got up and blundered on, minus a few brain cells I imagine.