Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Machala Ecuador

After getting my visa renewed at the Peruvian border I went up to Machala, Ecuador. This was after my hellish time getting to the border.

One night I went for a walk in the beautiful little park in the center of the city and was sitting on a bench when all of a sudden something fell on my head. I leaped up thinking it was a spider or a snake or some poisonous thing and look what appeared out of the tree.

A sloth! It was the cutest thing and we all gathered to watch as it crawled through the tree with it's baby. It moved like an inch every five minutes. They're adorable.

Machala, Ecuador


Machala, Ecuador
I just want to warn anybody going to South America that these shower heads have to be the most dangerous things in the world. They're electrical and they're supposed to heat up the water. Just take a cold shower! I never knew when I was going to get electrocuted. This thing here caught fire in my hotel room and I ran out of there like a banshee screaming bloody murder. There were actual flames at the top! Electricity? Water? What are they thinking!

Machala, Ecuador
I had to include this picture of a beauty salon I went by. I sat outside and watched people getting haircuts. But the thing is they never cleaned the floor, the build-up of hair on the floor was unbelievable. This picture doesn't show the half of it but I didn't want to be THAT rude like "get out of the road I just want a picture of the floor." It was a bug's utopia in there. The utensils didn't look like they got so much as a rinse, either. They kept trying to get me to go in and have a haircut (which says a lot about my haircut I suppose) but "hey, thanks for asking, but me and lice don't see hair to hair."