Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zorritos, Peru: Buses and Barrios

From Mancora,Peru I went to Zorritos. Mancora had a beautiful beach. I rode a few of these van/buses. They cram so many people into these things. There are probably about twenty people in there already but they're going to get the last ten in so help me God!

Zorritos Peru


In another post I mentioned the litter in northern Peru. Here is a picture from the outskirts of Zorritos. The garbage is heaved over the embankment. I saw many children, who must have had skin like a rhino,  playing with bare feet amongst piles of garbage. The river that ran through the town was  choked with garbage, it was sad; and even sadder that people have to live like this. There was a horrible stench of garbage through town.