Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaching English in Jordan

I loved teaching in Jordan for the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority - for the employees who worked in immigration and security. I could have stayed longer, although I might have spent a few months waiting for my new courses to start and I didn't want to spend the summer in Aqaba on my own. All my friends were leaving, and it would be lonely ponely. It started to get really hot in June. There are liquor stores in Aqaba, so I used to pick up a beer or two on my way home from work. The town was safe, although there were a few areas I avoided at night. It also has one of the largest flag poles in the world. Evidently, you can see it from space but that's a question mark.

The men were easier to teach than the women because the women were so competitive. One woman got a 97 out of 100 and had a hairy fit. She threw her paper at me and said she wasn't coming back to the class. I was pretty choked because it was a little over the top, but I didn't say anything. Another time a woman complained to my director because she thought I was drinking on the job because my glass water bottle (Pelligrino) was mistaken for beer. As if! Nevertheless, the people in Jordan are very good looking, intelligent, and Aqaba was a great place to stay. I also had a fantastic apartment.

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My apartment in Aqaba: