Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jakarta Indonesia

traffic in Jakarta

From Singapore I flew to Indonesia with Aimee and Cameron, the crazy man I met in Singapore who didn't even know he was entering Singapore with smoke in his knapsack. A bit of a character. Jakarta was a big dirty city and a dusty, dirty ride to the mid-city from the airport. The roads were dark and crowded along the way, probably from power outages, so it was a bit spooky, with people looming up out of the dark. We stayed in a hostel in the Jalan Jaksan area and flopped out, exhausted from the travel.

We picked up train tickets to Suryaba after waiting an hour in line. The city reminds me of Bangkok but I prefer Bangkok. It was sad to see so much misery living alongside the train tracks. The people were desperately poor. I didn't get a chance to take any other pictures of Jakarta other than these.