Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cheap Hotels Cairo

Palace Hotel

The difference between having an okay time and having a great time can sometimes be all about where you stay. I stayed at the Cairo Palace Hotel when I returned from my trip to the Upper Nile and it's one of the friendliest hotels in Cairo with a cosy sitting area, a beautiful garden where you can sit and read or write, an internet room, and a large dining room. I don't like the word cheap because it's not cheap in a bad way. It's just not expensive.

It's rated as a 2-star hotel, but it's only because the Hilton and Ramada and other 5-star hotels have supplanted the Windsor and Palace Hotels. These old hotels have lost their former glory, but they're well worth checking out for their character. I stayed at the Hilton for five nights, and it was so crowded with tourists and shoppers that I felt like I was staying at a train station. Many rip-off artists are also hanging around waiting to take the money of the neophyte traveller.

The Palace Hotel is close to everything you want to see in Cairo. How about a ten-minute walk to the Egyptian Museum and Tahir Square? Breakfast was also included in the cost and it was delicious. All the staff made you feel welcome, and in the bar at night I met many fantastic people. Above all, it wasn't very expensive at $15/night. Of course, prices have probably gone up, but it was one of the highlights of my stay in Cairo because for me, accommodation is more than 50% of the pleasure of travelling.