Friday, October 12, 2012

Things To See Stone Town

ships on the water in Stonetown Zanzibar

The city of Stone Town, Zanzibar has a wonderful beachfront with restaurants, historical buildings, shops, cafes, food stalls and parks, where you can sit and watch the sunset while the boats traverse the channel between the island and the mainland.

Days before I arrived in Stone Town, a ferry had capsized and killed over 60 people.  Two identical ferries were anchored out in the bay and it was plain to see that they'd been jimmy-rigged in order to cram more passengers into it.  The catamarans looked to be the best ride and that was confirmed to me by Sheila at the Warere Hotel.  She went back and forth every week to the mainland as her daughter was in school there.  No way she'd get on anything but the catamarans.  So if you're going to Zanzibar from Dar, take the catamaran!

sailboats on the water Stonetown Zanzibar sunset on the ocean in Zanzibar

The ferry that capsized.

ferry that capsized off the coast of Zanzibar