Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bus to Pokhara

Inevitably, bus and plane crashes occur in poorer countries, where roads are crumbling and potholes seldom repaired. I've been lucky to escape my own near misses in Colombia and Ecuador. I always pray and hope for the best each time I climb aboard another bus. My hotel made all the arrangements for my stay in Pokhara and drove me to the bus stop, a parched half-acre off the main highway.

It's a dramatic drive to Pokhara along the Prithvi Highway, which follows a series of river systems from Kathmandu to Pokhara, but it is prone to landslides and conjestion.

Just after the cable car station, there was an accident on the road up ahead of us, which didn't hold everyone up as long as I thought it would considering the number of vehicles on the road. It was said an ambulance carrying a pregnant woman collided with a bus, but I only saw the knocked out windscreen on the bus.

Getting stuck behind a hayride.