Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unique Wild Resort - Chitwan Nepal

While in Chitwan I stayed at the Unique Wild Resort in Sauraha. They recently did some upgrades to the place and they're still improving on it, but it wasn't noisy at all, and rather quiet at night. The guys at the front desk were helpful, booking a flight to Kathmandu for me from Pokhara, and the kitchen staff were all friendly and fun. Food was served pronto. All in all, I met some great people there. Lovely Laura, from Connecticut, was on her way back home.

the Unique Wild Resort Chitwan Nepal

I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and meeting the locals. I stopped and bought some honey from these old-timers sitting outside canoodling with their son, who was visiting from Kathmandu. It was a dusty barrio and I love small towns where the pace is s-l-o-w. It reminded me of my favorite place in the world, Santa Barbara, Colombia.

old man in Chitwan Nepal streets of Chitwan Nepal

The ubiquitous overcrowded bus.

overcrowded bus in Chitwan Nepal