Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pokhara Lakeside

Dashain Pings in Pokhara, giant swings for childrenDashain Pings, a swing made from bamboo sticks, are set up once a year for the Hindu festival of Dashain.

I wandered down to the shore when I noticed the sign and met Jhab and his boys and a few of his friends. He waxed philosophical about his life, saying his family didn't have much, but they were rich in other ways. How true and how I would like to live with him and his family beside the shore, too, renting out boats, swimming when I wanted, roasting corn over a firepit and sleeping next to the stars.

There are so many hotels and guesthouses in Pokhara there's no need to worry about reserving a room.

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There are many dispossessed people from Tibet hawking trinkets, jewelry, hats and clothing.  I felt bad that they didn't have a homeland due to the Chinese invasion but gosh, I didn't invade the country! This woman was ultra sweet when we first met but harangued and nagged me to buy something, then complained ad nausea about her life, her dire situation and why wasn't I (a rich person) doing anything about it -  to the point I felt I should ante up and pay her living expenses for the next six months.  When I walked away I tensed up, expecting a knife in my back. The names she called me when I wouldn't buy anything! But later, when I saw the same necklace she tried to sell me being sold for a way cheaper price..............
........buyer beware!