Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pokhara Temples

There's a lot to see in Pokhara and my sweet guide Abdul took me everywhere he could think of, even to his home to meet his family. He used to be a police officer and before that he was in the military. They make peanuts in Nepal, but he still had a pretty nice house and he was very proud of it.

We then drove up to the World Peace Stupa overlooking Pokhara. The road was gravelly and steep and we didn't get to the very top - that entailed another labor-intensive climb on foot. We took in the view and left, but on the way down he kept turning off the engine to save gas and he drove too fast for this weak-hearted traveller. I'm not very brave when it comes to mountain roads, unless I'm driving.

the World Peace Stupa overlooking Pokhara mountain view in Pokhara sunset in Pokhara view of the city of Pokhara

Abdul also took me to the Sri Kedareshwar Mahadeva Mani Temple.

temples in Pokhara Here's an interesting video of the temple grounds.