Sunday, September 2, 2012

Arusha Safari

After leaving Moshi I took a one-hour bus ride to Arusha and met Edward Ole Motika, an opthamology surgeon. His father's a Masai chief with 10 wives so he had loads of relatives in Arusha. He was kind enough to escort me to his aunt's office to see about getting an Arusha safari, but as per the usual, it was pretty hard to find a group to join at the last minute and to go alone is very expensive. If you want to travel to Tanzania and go on safari, best to have your plans solidified before you get there, especially if you're travelling alone. Too bad I didn't know that beforehand, but I wasn't worried, I was sure something would come up.

Edward Ole Motika


I finally met Gideon ole Makara, who owned his own tour operation at Stainbok Adventures in Arusha. This guy worked hard for his business and his customers and he was friendly and reliable. He got me on a tour with another American woman for the next day to Arusha National Park and I appreciated the effort he made to help me. His price also wasn't as expensive.

Gideon ole Makara Stainbok Adventures

Goodness - our tour guide - really, they have names like that!

giraffe in Arusha Park Tanzania